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Coaching and healing by means of intuitive drawing and painting lessons in one-to-one sessions
in private studio in Nederhorst den Berg

As you can read on my home page, I have always taught groups from 2004 to 2017. However, 1,5 years ago my life turned upside down and after overcoming this period, I turned something negative into something positive.
I now paint my visions (which I mainly get through at night) and from my intuition, which has developed strongly
during my recovery time.
I master a lot of painting techniques, but I have let them go. I now paint from my heart, feeling, intuition and visions and enjoy the imperfection. Either no longer work according to the rules and choose your own path in creating, which creates a lot of individuality and own handwriting.

Because of everything I have experienced and the way in which I have dealt with it and still am going, it enables me to guide and heal people during the creative drawing and painting process.
I can let people be themselves again in a pleasant way and to regain confidence in themselves, life, love and health. With a lot of love, attention and listening ear I take you to a higher level.
During the sessions a lot of emotions or unresolved sadness are often released. The pleasant way in which I work with you helps you to regain your strength and to give everything a place. This allows you to look positively to the future after a number of sessions
and enjoy life again.
I guide people who have had or are in a burnout, recovery from illness, depression, bereavement etc.
We agree in advance how long the sessions will last, depending on the situation someone is in.
There is always an intake first so that we first meet and then make a plan. This differs per person and situation.
We work in a spacious studio where enough distance can be kept due to Covid 19.

If you are interested or if you want information, you can contact me.
Or by e-mail: or by phone/whatsapp +31 6 29110401

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